About Hard Riff

Welcome to the home of great guitar riffs!

Every great song starts with a great guitar riff. I’m talking about music as in real people that are good at playing real instruments. People with love and creativity get together and make something that makes thousands experience the most beautiful feeling – to be moved by music.

Regardless what your ‘cup of tea’ is, whether you’re a rocker, punk rocker, metalhead…there is something unique that you feel when those strings start vibrating in a certain pattern. There is a sort of rush that overflows your body that makes you move, makes you happy. Only ‘the chosen’ know this feeling. There is only a portion of the global population that has been born with this 6th sense. Only they can taste, smell and feel the music.

This website is for you.

HardRiff is dedicated to everyone who loves the sound of a distorted guitar, bending strings, hard poundind drum beats, a killer groovy base line.

This website is a sanctuary and a temple of devotion for all of those who experience that unique rush of adrenaline and euphoria when they hear a killer riff. A source of water for all who have that thirst for knowledge for the things they love. A place to feel part of the family that finds peace and comfort in a world where creativity, art, intellect, and beauty rule supreme.

I want to welcome all of you rebels, misfits, renegades, metalheads, rockers, punk-rockers, hardcore lovers, bikers…all you beautiful and true people to HardRiff.com

The idea of creating HardRiff has been ripe in my mind for some years now, and I finally mustered up the courage and have the time to devote myself the right way to this website. HardRiff is an interactive community where communication, debate and exchange of opinion in a civilized and articulate manner is welcome.

Please feel free to comment, share and contribute in that way to the content of this website.
There is only one rule: This is not a place for hate-speech and bullying in any kind or form. All you haters, racists, bigots, and chauvinists of any kind, please leave this pages because it is not a place for you. You will feel out of place and your comments will not be shown.

All the best and stay safe

Sergio@Hard Riff